Tuesday, March 9, 2010




come check it out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What have you done today?

Confession time: One of my favorite TV shows is the Biggest Loser. A new season starts tonight and I am stoked. I love seeing people get healthy, learn how to eat right and exercise, and love themselves again. I would LOVE to have Jillian scream at me! I learned in High School I am best motivated when I am angry. Once my basketball coach figured that out...well, you get the idea! Some people thought he was being mean to me, but I loved it. He knew just how to light a fire under this girl!
I understand not everyone does well this way but man, I just get all excited watching Jillian tell someone she is going to rip their arm off and beat them over their head with it!!
This brings me to my point, motivation. I really struggle with it. A lot of the BL contestants go home, have no one motivating them, and gain their weight back. One of the reasons I wanted to do this blog was accountability. I need something, someone, to keep me going, scream at me in a sense, and keep me inspired.
So, I encourage you to find out what motivates you, and go for it! Use it to your advantage!! What have you done today to make YOU feel proud?!

I ran for 25 minutes, how bout you?!?

Baby it's....still FREEZING outside!

So the temp for the half has gone DOWN not up, yikes! I am so cold natured as it is, I fear I will freeze!!! My husband of course is hot natured and he freezes me out at home!

So my new favorite thing is yoplait smoothies from the freezer section. there are 3 greats flavors (strawberry banana is my fav) all you do is add a cup of milk and they make two smoothies. LOVE THEM! I add a scoop of protein powder and it's a great breakfast!

they also don't cost a lot, and it's just so simple to do. Try them now!!!

for lunch i am having turkey, pretzels, a piece of chocolate, and some cheese puffs from the "organic" section of the store. I will let you know how they taste...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Running Outfit

so if you follow my blog, you will quickly learn that I LOVE running skirts! they are so comfy and I love feeling girly but still sporty running. I will be wearing my minnie dot skirt for the half Saturday. But I will defiantely be wearing black tights underneath! Still deciding on what to wear up top and my head gear. It will be so cold!

I have 4 running skirts, and I can't WAIT till the Disney expo where I can go to the running skirts booth and meet the twins!

Baby it's cold outside

So the weather for the half is still quite dismal looking...low of 30...high of 55....not so fun. I am still planning my "outift" for the race. I did buy some hot hands today at Wal Mart, hopefully they will at least help keep my hands warm!

today I just did some strength exercises and tomorrow I will run at the gym, then that's it tilla fter the race woo hoo!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Feelin Good!

Yesterday Bobby and I went on a 4 mile run. It was quite cold for Mississippi (30 when we ran!)

I wanted to wear the clothes I am going to race in on Saturday. So yes, I ran around my neighborhood in my minnie mouse skirt. Don't judge me.

we had smoothies with protein in them for breakfast and then off we went! Surprisingly, despite the cold, it felt really good! Tons of energy, no cramps, etc. I ran the whole time without stopping and even had enough energy to chat whith Bobby (ok so I wasn't sprinting or anything!) We ran at a steady good pace for us but didn't push too hard. It felt great and I felt great after for the rest of the day. Aren't those the best runs?

A week from today the race will be over and we will be heading back from Disneyworld. I am already sad! Can't wait to have that medal around my neck!

Friday, January 1, 2010

One week countdown

Happy New Year! Welcome 2010!

One week from today I will be flipping out about the half I will be running the following moring. we will have to wake up at 3 to run the race for 5:40. we have to be on the monorail by 4 am to make it to the start in time to run. they were calling for rain and now they aren't so let's hope it stays that way!!!

As a running New Year's resolution I would like to keep better track of my runs. Right now, I have a calendar on my refrigerator and I mar down how many miles I run on a given day, or if I cross train how many minutes etc. but thats about it. I want to start keeping a journal with more details like pace, where I ran, weather, how it affected my run, if it felt like a good run or a bad run, etc. so maybe I can see some patterns that will help me train better. we will see if it lasts! haha.

tomorrow I am tapering to 5-6 miles and I will run 3 on monday and 3 on tuesday and that will be it before the race!